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Daily Experiences Among Couples Living With Early-Stage Dementia: Implications for Daily Sleep and Long-Term Well-Being and Cognitive Function



Understanding America Study: Caregiving Lifecourse Experiences Assessed in Real Time

Stress & Well-Being in the Everyday Lives of Caregivers (SWELCare Study)

COVID-19 Pandemic Related Stress and Social Ties

Couples' Cardiovascular Health (CCV Study)

Stress & Well-Being in Everyday Life (SWEL Study)

SWEL Pilot

Cardiovascular Reactivity to Stress: Testing of a New Device for Assessing Vascular Resistance

Social Networks & Well-Being in Late Life: An In Depth Examination of Daily Mechanisms (DEWS)

Social Relations, Aging & Health: Competing Theories and Emerging Complexities

Humility & Forgiveness: The Role of Social Relations Among Three Ethnic Groups

Early Years of Marriage Study: Tracking Project

Promoting Well-Being Across Adulthood: The Role of Conflict Avoidance

Alcohol Consumption and Cardiovascular Health Among Older Couples: The Roles of Genetics and Marital Quality

Couples Managing Early-Stage Dementia: Mutual Influences on Daily Stress, Self-Care & Well-Being

Multimorbidity Patterns in Middle-Aged & Older Couples: Implications for Psychological Well-Being & Health Behaviors

Multimorbidity Patterns in Aging Couples: Longitudinal Associations with Functional Disability

Methadone Maintenance Treatment in a Couple Context: Mutual Influences on Client Outcomes & Both Partners’ Well-Being