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Society for Ambulatory Assessment Annual Conference 2024

June 3rd – 5th, 2024

The Aging and Biopsychosocial Innovations Program team attended the Society for Ambulatory Assessment Conference 2024 in Ann Arbor. Research assistant, Jane Stephenson, and project manager, Akari Oya, gave their research talk, “Differences in Daily Emotional and Cardiovascular Well-Being for Child and Spousal Caregivers”.  ABI director, Kira Birditt, and data analyst, Angie Turkelson, gave their talk, “Positive activities and daily cardiovascular health among dementia care dyads: The role of negative affect and social interactions” and research assistant, Emily Noyer, presented her talk “Vigilance in Daily Life: Implications for Cardiovascular Health Among Black and White Americans”. Excellent work team!

Association for Psychological Science Annual Conference 2024

May 23rd – 26th, 2024

Research Assistant, Emily Noyer, traveled to San Francisco, CA to present her poster at the Association for Psychological Science. The poster explained the effects of social support on the association between daily burden and emotional well-being among dementia caregivers. Data Analyst, Angie Turkelson and ABI Director, Kira Birditt contributed to the project.

Gerontological Society of America Annual Conference 2023

November 8th – 12th, 2023

The ABI Team traveled to Tampa, Florida to present at The Gerontological Society of America Conference. Research Assistants Jane Stephenson and Emily Noyer presented a poster on the link between hearing loss and social ties. Data Analyst, Angela Turkelson, presented a poster on alcohol use among older couples and the implications of alcohol use trajectories on self-rated health. ABI Director, Dr. Kira Birditt, gave a talk on the moderating effects of caregiver burden on positive activities and well-being among caregivers of people living with dementia. Great job to everyone who contributed to these projects!

Speaker Series: New and Exciting Research at the Michigan ADRC

Tuesday September 27, 2022.

Our monthly Speaker Series provides educational information on a variety of dementia and caregiving related topics. Our target audience for this series is professionals who may work in dementia care and community members who may be interested in learning more. The goal of the series is to increase awareness around these topics and to provide a space to have questions answered.

To learn more and for future Speaker Series dates and topics, please visit

CAPS Workshop: Methods of Ambulatory Assessment

Tuesday May 11th, 2021.

Advances in Big Data and New Data for Aging, NIA Aging Centers’ Collaborative Virtual Methods Workshop Series. A recording of this is event is available by clicking here

Stress & Health in Context: The Role of Negative Relationships

Wednesday April 28th, 2021.

As burgeoning literature shows, social ties are integral for health and survival. As Director of the Aging & Biospsychosocial Innovations Program at ISR, Kira Birditt‘s research focuses on the negative aspects of relationships including the extent to which they are irritating, critical, or demanding. In this talk she will discuss the findings from her program of research showing that: 1) There is a great deal of variability in negative aspects of relationships within and between individuals, 2) Negative aspects of relationships have important implications for health that often vary by the context of stress, and 3) The implications of relationships and stress vary race/ethnicity. She will also discuss the Aging and Biopsychosocial Innovations program that she leads and directions for future research.